Self Adhesive Expanded PVC Nitrile Sponge Strip BS476 Class 0

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BS476 Class 0 expanded closed-cell PVC nitrile rubber strip with self adhesive backing, available in various widths and thicknesses.
Classified BS 476 Class 0 building regulations and will protect your surface from the spread of flames AND limit the amount of heat released from the surface during a fire.
For product at 25mm thickness; Length: 8m
For product at 13mm thickness; Length: 14m
All other thicknesses; Length: 10m

Expanded PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): PVC is a widely used plastic polymer known for its durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. When expanded, it forms a lightweight, rigid, and versatile material with various applications.
Nitrile Sponge: Nitrile rubber is a synthetic rubber known for its excellent resistance to oil, fuel, and other chemicals, as well as its resilience and flexibility. When in sponge form, it offers cushioning and sealing properties, making it suitable for various sealing and insulation applications.
Self-Adhesive: This indicates that one side of the strip has an adhesive layer applied to it, allowing for easy installation without the need for additional adhesives or fasteners.
BS476 Class 0: This is a British standard for fire propagation and spread of flame. Class 0 is the highest classification for materials with very limited combustibility. It signifies that the material has undergone testing and meets the criteria for fire safety.

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