Heavy Duty Solid Neoprene Rubber Strip

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Solid Neoprene rubber strip available in various widths and thicknesses and supplied in 5 metre lengths. Our Neoprene rubber strip has a 65 Shore A hardness and is suitable for general purpose instances, is water resistant, oil, UV light and fuel resistant. The strips are cut to size on order therefore are not refundable. Rubber strip length is 5 metres, choose thickness and width below. For 10mm to 125mm Width Click here

Sealing applications: Neoprene rubber strips are often used for sealing purposes in environments where a watertight or airtight seal is necessary. This could include sealing doors, windows, or hatches in marine, automotive, or industrial settings.

Gaskets: Neoprene rubber strips can be cut into gaskets for machinery, engines, pumps, and other equipment to prevent leakage or to provide insulation.

Shock absorption: Neoprene rubber's cushioning properties make it suitable for use in applications where shock absorption or vibration damping is required, such as in sports equipment or machinery mounts.

Weather-stripping: Neoprene rubber strips are commonly used as weather-stripping to prevent drafts, moisture, or dust from entering buildings or vehicles. They can be applied around doors, windows, or hatches to improve energy efficiency.

Insulation: Neoprene rubber strips provide thermal insulation and are often used in HVAC systems, refrigeration units, and other applications where temperature control is important.

Protective covers: Neoprene rubber strips can be used to create protective covers or sleeves for cables, pipes, or hoses to shield them from abrasion, chemicals, or environmental hazards.

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