Heavy Duty PVC Strip Curtain 400mm x 4mm Standard Grade

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Heavy Duty PVC Strip Curtain 400mm x 4mm Standard Grade
This PVC strip drapery is produced using a hard core review of PVC strip, perfect for use in an inner or outer entryway that might be liable to a high volumes of vehicle traffic. It will go about as a defensive boundary against clamor and air contamination; it is likewise an incredibly successful technique for warm control between zones. You will get the right number of strips, alongside our one of a kind tempered steel hanging framework for included strength and simplicity of establishment.

• Energy sparing strip window ornament
• Effective temperature control
• Excellent hindrance against commotion and air contamination
• Ideal for irritation control
• Pedestrian or vehicle use
• Colored cautioning strips additionally accessible
• Face settled or under lintel settled
• Easy to introduce
• Suitable for temperatures from - 10c - +38c

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