Foam Side Block Inserts 70mm x 70mm

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Foam Side Block Inserts 70mm x 70mm
When you prepare yourself for a garage door threshold seal installation you may find that the seal you bought can’t realistically fit under the front of your garage door. This is extremely dependant on the type of garage door you have, but it may mean that you have to install the threshold seal behind your garage door tracks using these blocks to make it all waterproof. This is typically found with older models of sectional garage doors which have something called “open tracks” which leave a gap because they’re set back from the garage wall.

How Are These Foam Side Blocks Installed?
Once you have placed down the seal you bought and know where it lies and how it lies in regards to your garage door tracks and door itself. The next step will be to measure the gap where the foam is to be installed, and then cut the blocks to match the size with scissors or a sharp knife. Finally apply a bead of our adhesive & sealant around the foam block to seal it in place and create a watertight seal.

What Material Are The Foam Side Blocks Designed From?
All the blocks are made from a closed cell foam which is high density and rigid. This type of polymer is water resistant and in combination with our garage door threshold seal products will protect your garage and make it waterproof.

Dimensions: 70mm x 70mm x 25mm
Supplied in pairs

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