Flat Sheets & Landing Covers Fixing Kit

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Fixing kit consists of:

  • 2 cartridges of Fix & Seal High Tack Adhesive - 310ml White
  • 30 stainless steel 4.2 x 32mm countersunk pozi self-tapping AB A2 screws
  • 30 rawl plugs 6 x 30mm

Please note - 1 fixing kit covers 1 full 2400mm x 1200mm flat sheet.

  1. Screws: These are used to attach the flat sheets and landing covers to the desired surfaces. Depending on the material of the sheets and covers and the type of surface they're being attached to, you may need specific types of screws.

  2. Bolts: Bolts can be used in conjunction with nuts to provide a secure and adjustable attachment. They are often used for heavier or load-bearing applications.

  3. Nuts: Nuts are used to secure bolts in place. They are threaded and come in various sizes to match the bolts you're using.

  4. Washers: Washers are placed under the heads of screws or bolts to distribute the load and prevent damage to the surface or the material being fastened.

  5. Brackets or Clips: Depending on your specific needs, you might require brackets or clips to hold the flat sheets and landing covers in place. These could be L-shaped brackets, corner brackets, or other types of fasteners.

  6. Tools: A fixing kit might also include the necessary tools for installation, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, or a drill if required.

  7. Instructions: Some kits may include instructions or guidelines for proper installation.

It's important to note that the exact contents of a fixing kit can vary based on the manufacturer and the specific requirements of your project. 

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