FC40 Sealant / Adhesive - 300ml

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A paintable sealant or adhesive that is paintable and waterproof. FC40 forms a flexible bond, being permanantly flexible after application. FC40 adhesive / sealant is suitable for many applications including sealing and bonding in marine applications above and below the water line, sealing and bonding in caravans and motor homes, building environments such as shrinkage bonding in concrete floors. FC40 is also suitable for bonding and sealing metal constructions. Product contains 300ml FC40 adhesive / sealant in your choice of colour. Suitable for use with all standard applicator guns. For full details please download the accompanying specification sheet below.

FC40 Sealant/Adhesive is a high-performance product commonly used in construction, automotive, aerospace, marine, and industrial applications. It is formulated to provide strong bonding and sealing properties, capable of adhering to various substrates including metals, plastics, glass, and ceramics.
Versatility: It can be used for both bonding and sealing purposes, offering versatility in applications.
High Strength: Provides strong adhesion, capable of withstanding considerable loads and stresses.
Flexibility: Retains flexibility even after curing, allowing for movement without compromising the bond.
Weather Resistance: Exhibits excellent resistance to weathering, UV exposure, moisture, and temperature extremes.
Chemical Resistance: Resists degradation when exposed to various chemicals and solvents.
Fast Curing: Depending on the formulation, it may offer fast curing times, allowing for rapid assembly or repair.
Durability: Offers long-term durability, maintaining its integrity over extended periods.
Ease of Application: Typically available in cartridges or tubes for easy application using standard caulking guns or dispensers.
FC40 Sealant/Adhesive finds applications in various industries such as:
Construction: Sealing joints in building structures, bonding architectural elements, installing windows and doors.
Automotive: Bonding trim components, sealing seams, attaching vehicle panels.
Aerospace: Bonding aircraft components, sealing aircraft interiors, and exteriors.
Marine: Sealing boat hulls, bonding deck fittings, attaching marine accessories.
Industrial: Bonding and sealing machinery components, assembling electronic devices, potting electrical connections.

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