Alpha Thixofix Contact Adhesive

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Alpha Thixofix Contact Adhesive is a non drip permanent, high strength, multi purpose contact adhesive which allows for slight adjustment on application. It can bond rubber strip, laminates, rigid PVC, cork, leather, wood, metal, hardboard, plasterboard, chipboard, fabrics and many other materials.
Directions supplied on packaging: Surfaces must be clean and dry, and free from contamination For best results coat one surface from side to side and the other from top to bottom Press to remove air pockets Position items for gluing carefully 250ml size - coverage up to 0.75m² of bonded material
Alpha Thixofix Contact Adhesive is a type of adhesive known for its strong bonding capabilities and ease of application. It is specifically designed for use in bonding various materials such as wood, metal, rubber, leather, fabric, and plastics. The "Thixofix" in its name suggests that it has a thick consistency, making it suitable for vertical applications where traditional liquid adhesives might drip or run.

This adhesive typically comes in a paste or gel form, which allows for precise application without excessive mess. It is often used in construction, woodworking, automotive repair, and various DIY projects where a durable and reliable bond is required.

Alpha Thixofix Contact Adhesive usually offers fast initial tack, enabling quick bonding of surfaces upon contact. It also tends to have a relatively short curing time, allowing for expedited completion of projects. Additionally, it may possess heat resistance and flexibility once cured, ensuring the bond remains strong even under challenging conditions.

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